Kevin Sprong
Waltham, MA
kevin (at)


Proficient: Python, R, SQL, Pig, Hive, Bash
Familiar: Java, JavaScript, Scala, Clojure, LaTex
Tools, Frameworks: Hadoop, Spark, d3.js, Angular, Git, Maven, Scipy

Work Experience

Cambridge, MA
April 2015 - Present
Senior Performance Engineer
Develop software and data pipelines to manage capacity allocation and assess + improve the performance of Akamai's mapping system. Analyze complex system behavior and use data to influence internal stakeholders and drive business decisions.
  • Created Hadoop-centric workflows to store and analyze key data used in understanding Akamai's mapping system. Designed and implemented data models, ingest processes, and analytic jobs to leverage Terabytes of disparate data. Reduced size of primary data source twenty-fold through improved data modeling and compression. (Python, Pig, Hive, Avro, Spark, Scala)
  • Deployed data pipeline and statistical model to track content cacheability as a function of disk occupancy. Created automated processes managing ETL, non-linear statistical modeling, web visualization, and database views for internal stakeholders. (R, SQL, Python, Angular)
  • Developed software features for capacity allocation for high-traffic customers on Akamai's secure edge network. Analyzed historical data to determine allocation strategy; wrote and tested software implementation. (Python, Perl, SQL)
Bedford, MA
2013 - 2015
Lead Computer Scientist
Performed air traffic system modernization research using Hadoop and related technologies in support of the Federal Aviation Administration. Applied a combination of software engineering, mathematical and statistical analysis, and web visualization to drive data-mining research questions from idea to final result against large datasets.
  • Developed MapReduce workflow to extract and analyze lateral track deviations during initial departure climb. Created interactive web visualization of results to provide a deeper understanding of causal factors. (Java, d3, dc.js, Hadoop)
  • Deployed fully automated ETL processes, data models, and web services to transform raw ARINC procedure data into modeled objects available as a REST service. (Python, Pig, MongoDB, Node)
  • Produced assessment of airport navigation service needs using data-driven criteria applied to multiple diverse datasets. Delivered results via web and desktop applications allowing interactive results exploration and sensitivity analysis. (R, Python, Pig, Angular, d3)
Cambridge, MA
2010 - 2013
Performed analysis and modeling of sensor system technologies for customers including Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Developed and analyzed signal processing approaches and complex system models, conducted field test data collection and processing, and contributed to customer presentations and reports.
  • Implemented and analyzed coherent localization and probabilistic classification algorithms for transient vibration detections, providing solutions to several key customer objectives. (Matlab)
  • Developed parametric model of system response to known signal injection in order to estimate environmental parameters. Used non-linear optimization techniques to extract damped sinusoids from noisy data. (Matlab/Simulink)
  • Delivered Java software package which converted encoded measurement information into engineering units using signal processing techniques for further processing and analysis. (Java)
McLean, VA
2003 - 2010
Project Team Manager
Initially hired as a simulation modeling engineer, then successively promoted to senior simulation modeling engineer and project team manager at MITRE's Center for Advanced Aviation Systems Development. As project team manager, responsibilities included management of seven engineering staff and approximately $3.5M in research for the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Managed seven engineering staff developing air traffic control workload and complexity models, providing more accurate inputs to FAA staffing models. (Java)
  • Supervised and mentored talented engineering staff, ensured quality of work product deliverables, and provided performance assessment and review.
  • Developed software package allowing fast-time generation of aircraft vertical profiles as built by advanced flight management systems, with modeled estimates of fuel flow and aircraft emissions, enabling new categories of research. (SLX)
  • Developed and applied an airport and aircraft simulation model to analyze annual benefits and capacity gains resulting from implementation of advanced navigation procedures. (SLX)


Whiting School of Engineering, Baltimore, MD
M.S. in Systems Engineering
3.80 GPA. Relevant coursework: Software Systems Engineering, System Design and Integration, Management of Systems Projects
College of Arts and Sciences, Charlottesville, VA
B.A. in Mathematics with Distinction
3.74 GPA, Phi Beta Kappa. Relevant coursework: Operations Research, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Software Development Methods, Discrete Mathematics

Selected Publications

Sprong, K., et al.
October 2008
Analysis of Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions (AIRE) Continuous Descent Arrival Operations at Atlanta and Miami
27th Digital Avionics Systems Conference
St. Paul, Minnesota
Herndon, A., Mayer, R., Cramer, M., Sprong, K.
October 2007
Analysis of Advanced Flight Management Systems (FMS), Flight Management Computer (FMC) Field Observations Trials, Vertical Path
26th Digital Avionics Systems Conference
Dallas, Texas


Boston Area Disc Alliance
2010 - Present
Boston, MA
Washington Area Flying Disc Club
2003 - 2010
Washington, DC
Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity
2001 - 2003
University of Virginia